Book a taxi on-line and get a discount!

Book a taxi on-line and get a discount!

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The Rutaxi cite allows you to order a taxi easily in all major cities of Russia at a discounted rate. Besides being cheaper than a cab on the street, you don’t have to speak Russian and you may know the price before you travel so you don’t have to worry about a driver taking the scenic route for more money.

All you need is a phone with a Russian SIM card. This will allow you to obtain a login, get order confirmation, status updates and inform you when your taxi has arrived as well as the car model and license plate number. If you spend a lot of time in Russia, the Rutaxi site can even save your favourite addresses so ordering a taxi is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Important Info before use

First you should know about Russian addresses, they vary from abroad. Besides having a numerical address, some buildings may have several buildings for one address so you must enter the building number in the correct field. Also every building may have several entrances so you must fill in this field too. Ex.: Lenin 75 building 2 entrance 3. Also a Russian keyboard is required.


Do this by entering your ten digit Russian SIM card telephone number. Use ‘click to receive password by SMS’ button and a prompt appears that you are requesting a password. The SMS will respond with rutaxi.ru: and a 5 or 6 digit password. From there enter your password in the correct field and click Next. You will now be directed to the order a taxi page.

Additional order parameters.

Additional contact phone number.


Pay with Corporate Card

car with a child seat
Animal friendly vehicle
meet with a sign
non smoking driver
I do not understand Russian
sberbank online
provide a receipt for the trip
Withh baggage
Please provide change


If you forget your password, please re-register as you did before and your original password will be sent to you.

Instructions on how to order

In field \\"A\\" you must enter a pick-up address or select a location from the drop down menu.
In field \\"B\\" you must enter a destination address or select a location from the drop down menu.
Please enter order comments if necessary.(Russian only)
In additional parameters you can:reserve a taxi,order a taxi by hour, change class of service, enter a 3rd party's contact info. and use a corporate card.
Press to calculate cost|fare, if you agree press \\"order\\"

Please comment on how your service was. (Russian only)

Your comments are very important to us!
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